Prints 4 Palestine

Prints 4 Palestine


Glamcult X No Limits! Art Castle - Palestine Fundraising

We must keep resisting. We must stand up. There is no denying human rights. There is no denying Palestine. We feel a revolution coming. KEEP All eyes on Rafah. 

For the upcoming Glamcult issue, Simomo Bouj and Jan Hoek from No Limits! Art Castle worked to uplift the voices of artists and activists who are devoted to Palestinian freedom and peace. With the images from this project, we are raising money for The Rights Forum and Medical Aid For Palestine.

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No one is free until we are all FREE

Print size: A4 printed 
Printed on 200 gr photo paper

All profits go to:

Featured in the print:

JeanPaul Paula

Paula is a Curacaoan Dutch creative director, stylist, photographer, director, and performance artist who integrates intersectionality, gender-sexuality, anti-racism, and family into the core of his work.

Activism tip: Looking at Palestine as a prime example of neocolonialism, I urge whoever is

reading this to broaden their view and make sure they look at the Congo, South Sudan, Burkina Faso, and Haiti the same way we are looking at Palestine now. All the little bits help, even supporting your local artists. My Kurdish sister Beri is one of these people whose work titled 'Grief' you can buy at Beri dal Gali. Also, follow @Wizard_bisan1 on Instagram.

Aiman Daw

Based in Haifa, Daw is a Palestinian fashion/costume designer, stylist, and actor. He

collaborates with fellow Palestinian musicians, theatre, and television creators to strengthen the creative scene inside occupied Palestine.

Activism tip: Keep talking about Palestine and the ongoing genocide. Buy work from

Palestinian artists and/or designers to support the Palestinian art industry.

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